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J. has always enjoyed the rock and tree-climbing and beach activities so much. I wanted to thank you for putting together such adventurous, creative and educational camps over the years. They were always a highlight of her summer.
— Robin F.
Thanks for a fantastic week! My daughter loved the camp and I loved the easy style, light structure and focus on developing new skills in beautiful places. Just what these kids need in the summer!
— Abby P.
We repeated M.’s climbing experience and he absolutely loved it - great instructors and lots of fun! Looking forward to next year . . .
— Claudia P.
Thank you for a wonderful week, he had the best time!
— Sarah G.
Sarah and I really appreciate the quality of the camps you offer.
— Jim T.
Thank you for a terrific week and look forward to playing again next year.
— Laura C.
Such a fun week for Q and Moby - thank you so much for everything!!
— Julie D.
You guys have a great mission. We have done a fair amount of outdoor time - Vilda, Slide Ranch, Waldorf coop forest kindergarten - glad to see the movement to get kids outdoors is growing.
— Shoshanna K.
I cannot thank you and your staff for two amazing weeks at GreenPlay. I have NEVER EVER seen my boys so RIDICULOUSLY happy. Thank you!
— Caryn T.
Just wanted to say that your camp was fabulous. L had a great time every day. Awesome counselors and activities. We’ll be back next year!
— Tom D.
Your camp has been such an excellent experience these past few years. We look forward to more!
— Elizabeth S.
Just want to share how much K loved this week at Green Gulch, and in addition, how wonderful Sierra and Brooke are as leaders and teachers.
— Karen B.
I wanted to thank you again for the most wonderful summer camps which H. and O. participated in this summer. They absolutely loved them and it was wonderful to see them grow from their experiences and all they learned. It’s always tough during the summer seeing your children go off to camp and hoping they enjoy their time and aren’t just there to fill in time during the day while parents are at work. I knew that the boys were in great care and having the time of their lives and so very much appreciated the opportunity and all the great fun they had too! Thank you again - we are number one fans of GreenPlay camp!
— Penny H.
And thank you for letting E. join, she’s having a fantastic time. We really love GreenPlay, and we’re so happy that so many of our friends joined this year. Thank you for creating such a special camp.
— Sarah K.
Thank you for running this camp!! It’s been so good for S. I will be signing him up again next Summer for sure.
— Sharon G.
Just wanted you to know that J. has been loving every second of camp !! It hasn’t been possible to over schedule him at GreenPlay : )

Thank you soooooo much for making these rich experiences and memories possible!
— Alex G.
First of all, WOWOWOW! What an incredible camp you run! I am SO incredibly impressed and thought the camp experience was a 10-10-10! I cannot say enough wonderful things about your guides. They are the ABSOLUTE BEST and truly, made the camp week incredible! They were the best mix of nature education, fun and joy, firmness and kindness. Their love and respect for nature was surely passed on to T. and all the children. Truly, you have created a magical and beautiful way to learn about nature and be outside and get healthy exercise.
— Susan C.
I’d be happy doing service every day at Marin GreenPlay Camp.
— Quinlin D.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity for kids to be outside and enjoy magical places of Marin! We will look forward to the next year.
— Anastasiya B.
Thank you. O loves your camp and is having a lot of fun. I can’t tell you what a difficult time we had with summer camps until we found GreenPlay. She belongs outdoors.
— Molly O.
L and Q both LOVED their week with your amazing counselors. L is bummed that we are going to Tahoe in August; she would really like to spend another week with GreenPlay.
— Jill T.
Thank you for everything!! J. is having an absolute blast. He couldn’t be happier!!
— Alexandra G.
Boys loved camp!
— Susan M.
I liked Marin Greenplay when we went to the Lawrence Hall of Science and learned about bugs.
— Catie, Age 9
I loved last summer at Marin GreenPlay when we went to the beach. We learned about crabs and birds and we almost saw a seal.
— Grace, Age 7
I want to thank you all for a wonderful week! S. had a great time and I’m proud of her for hiking and nature peeing and getting dirty.
— Melissa M.
H. loves camp and we are so grateful to have found it.
— Tanya N.
Thanks to you and your fabulous staff for creating such a fun, informative and exciting camp for M.!
— Jodi B.
Wow-we cannot express how happy our family has been with GreenPlay this summer!! P. and P. are so connected to the natural world and were delighted to head out to camp each day! Thank you so much for the many gifts you have given them-we (and they) are so grateful! And I have learned quite a bit from them too!

Looking forward to many future chapters together.
— Jodi R.
Your camp is amazing, so glad we discovered it
— Patricia B.
What a great 4 weeks with you and GreenPlay!
— Stephanie P.
My son M just completed camp this week in Larkspur. He and his friend J loved it.
— Anna R.
First of all, THANK YOU for an AMAZING WEEK! O has had the time of her life. Thank you for having such a fabulous camp!
— Lisa M.
I have been meaning to e-mail and thank you for the amazing “camp” experience you provided S. this summer. I put “camp” in quotes, because I think of it more as an amazing adventure. I recall that you created GreenPlay, because you weren’t finding the type of summer camp experience you wanted for your own child. I am so glad you did, because you created something that speaks to me, as well, and provides the kind of experience that I would hope more and more parents want to provide their children. The chance to explore and learn so deeply and intimately about the natural treasures in our own “back yard”, in a way that challenges (the hikes!), engages, energizes, and, yes, educates, our children, was truly appreciated, by S. and by us. We loved seeing her excitement as she told us of her achievements (“we hiked 4-1/2 miles!”), her insights (“Mom, we had a girl ranger!”), and her learning (“Guess what kind of animal that is?”), and her simple, but meaningful, creations at the end of the week. Thank you so much. We wish you continued success, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.
— Jane K.
The week was a huge success for our group!  The kids loved it and the parents loved that their kids loved it!  :)  There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing your kids enjoying the simple thrills of nature.  Thank you so much for accommodating us — not only was it fun, but it was so helpful to have a camp that week for those of us working.  I’d love to get back in touch again next year and see if you might be willing to repeat that same week again.
— Dabney I.