If you are contemplating another birthday party at House of Air or the local gymnastics center, let us help you plan an out of the ordinary event in one of Marin's beautiful natural spots.  Our guides will take your birthday boy or girl and friends on an adventure none of them will ever forget.  We can also add a meaningful service project that will help your child to create a celebration tradition of giving back to the Earth and our place.  From $150/hour spent on location and includes planning and guiding.

Middle and high school students can work together more successfully if they engage in team-building activities along the way.  We'll plan and host games, explorations, service projects and other activities that will unite your class and give their day special meaning.  We can also assist with transportation and other field trip logistics.  From $10/student for day trips and $40/student for overnight trips.

Are you the class parent who has accepted the task of planning that special end-of-year celebration for your child's class? We can help!  Last year we guided several K-6 classes as they said goodbye for the summer with a trip into Marin's wild backyard.  From $150/hour spent on location and includes planning and guiding.

Call or email us to discuss customizing a program that works for your birthday party or group.

Birthday Party Adventures & Locations

Pools A Plenty . . . Muir Beach . . . Kids learn why life on the edge of California is like no other and delight in finding sea stars, mussels, barnacles and crabs.  With or without boogieboarding option.  For kids 5 and up.

Creekcycle . . . Mill Valley . . . Water is life.  This adventure shows kids why a little bit of water goes a long way to creating biodiversity of plants and animals and how everything and everyone is connected.  For kids 4 and up.

Sniff See Sound . . . Tennessee Valley . . . Humans see the world around us, but other animals use more of their senses.  We'll find out what it might be like to be them as an aid to spotting them.  For kids 4 and up.

Roxaboxen Experience . . . Mill Valley . . . What would it look like if all of our friends lived in a community?  After reading the famous story, we find out.  For kids 4-10.

To the Sun and Back . . . Ring Mountain . . . There's a world of treasures waiting to be found if you know where to look!  Map, compass and GPS basics help us find the magic geocache loot.  For kids 8 and up.

Up, Up and Up! . . . Ring Mountain . . . Kids will confidently scale large metamorphic rocks, belay their friends and rappel from the heights.  For kids 8 and up.

Earth Art . . . The Presidio . . .  A gentle hike through the sand dunes of San Francisco brings the opportunity to experience the art of natural artist Andy Goldsworthy and make some art from nature of your own.  For kids 6 and up.

Flow Hike . . . Mt. Tamalpais . . . A challenging hike where we flow like water down the side of the mountain and magically arrive at the Fountain of Youth.  For kids 6 and up.

Munch or Be Munched . . . Mt. Burdell . . . Experience Marin's reptiles and their insect prey on a rocky exploration.  For kids 6 and up.

Fishy Burps . . . Bolinas Lagoon  . . . Kayak with the seals to a sandy island and get so close you can smell their belches.  For kids 8 and up.

Green Jeans . . . Green Gulch Farm . . . There's something edible for everyone on our farm adventure.  For kids 4 and up.

So Zen . . .  Green Gulch Farm . . . Learn the basics of Zen Buddhist meditation with a sitting at Green Gulch's Zendo.  For kids 6 and up.

Salmon Science . . . Samuel P. Taylor St. Park . . . Winter birthdays have never been better than spent along a creek spotting spawning salmon.  For kids 6 and up.

Emergency! . . . Muir Woods . . . Find out how to spend a night in the woods without getting wet and cold as we create debris shelters, a skill that can come in handy.  For kids 7 and up.

The Secrets of Muir Woods . . . There's more there than the tallest tree in the world and this is your chance to find fungi, amphibians, and more!  For kids 5 and up.

And many more options that can be customized for your child and his or her guests.