It's Easy to Create a Custom Camp for Your Group

Every so often a group of families contacts us with a problem.  Their kids have a week off from school but no organized activities are offered that week, or at least nothing that interests them.  In every case, we can help!  

Every year we put together at least one "custom camp" for such a group that meets their needs in terms of offering age appropriate nature activities in locations that work for the families involved.  This year, for example, we have put together an exploration of the creekside areas in the Ross Valley for a group from the Bacich School.  

Within a few days of the lead family contacting us, we had created a plan for engaging activities for their kids in Grades K-2 that would give them a meaningful week of experiences in nature the week before they return to school.  We set up an easy way for the families to enroll on our website so that the lead parent needed to do nothing more than distribute the link to her friends.  The only requirement was that they recruit at least 10 children to join the program. Once they started spreading the word, the numbers easily exceeded that.

In the past we have created customs camps for families from Tamalpais Preschool and other local schools.  We can't wait to design a custom camp for your group!

As always, we'd love your feedback.  See you on the trail!