Sense of Place

Sense of place.  It's not a technical term of art.  It's deep within you.  When you visit the place where you grew up, it's that memory that flashes in with a certain smell or a visit to a special spot.  It's so tied to who you are.  It is you.  

Sense of place is critically important today.   While many of us have moved once if not many times away from the place where we spent the majority of our childhood due to economic demands, the lure of adventure, service to family or country, or simply to reach closer to our dreams, the place where we grew up will always be with us.

There are so many demands on today's family and on our children but we should never forget that connections are being made between our children and this place every day.  And in the making of those connections, children will shape their ideas of how place matters.

When we talk about place, we're not just talking about that amazing forest we loved to hide in or the tree we climbed every day after school but also the people who made the place meaningful for us.  When you choose to send your child to Marin GreenPlay Camp, you are actively encouraging your child to form the connections to both the natural world around them and to the community members who actively protect our place through advocacy and service.  Your child will always have a sense of this place, and through our program, we believe that they will get closer to its truths, its essence, its inherent goodness.

So wherever your children end up in the future, their memories will be magnificent and their ethic of protecting the new place they have adopted will be well-developed.  They will intuitively understand that their new place is not just a name, not just what it has been advertised tp be, but a community that they know exactly where to begin in making a new connection - to the trees or the beach or the urban green spaces and those who protect them.

As always, we'd love your feedback.  See you on the trail!