New Programs for our 9th Summer Season!

Welcome!  On this page, you will find a description of the amazing adventures that Marin GreenPlay is proud to offer for 2018.  We think you'll find it hard to choose from our awe-inspiring and innovative programs created to immerse your child in the natural beauty of Marin County and beyond.  Whether this is your kiddo's first camp or they have tried all the rest, with Marin GreenPlay, you've found more than a camp.  Marin GreenPlay is a set of experiences in science and wonder, nature and adventure, created to grow with your child and leave them with memories they'll never forget.  We can't wait to see you this summer!
For programs marked FULL, please send an email to info@maringreenplay.com with your child's name and the session desired, and we will place your child on the waitlist.

For Grades TK/K-2
Watershed Warriors: Nearby Nature Experiences

Developmentally appropriate, place-based, observational, fun, wonder-filled, hands-on learning experiences in nature.
For Kids Entering Grades TK/K-2  
Half Day 9AM-1PM ($250/week) and Full Day 9AM-4PM ($400/week)
FREE Extended Care Always Available 8:30-9AM & 4-5PM
6:1 Camper to Guide Ratio    Max Group Size 18
Add On Lunch Option Available ($50/week)

Little kids love to invent their own games, and Marin’s green places are the perfect place to search for fairy houses and imagine you are the king or queen of the forest.  Your child will come home happy and full of stories.  The dirty knees will say it all - our Watershed Warriors program truly allows your child the chance to connect with nature.  The Watershed Warriors program is organized games, unorganized games, waste-free crafts, moments of giving back to the community, friendship-making, exploration and sensory-based fun! 

All Watershed Warriors weeks will find us helping out with restoration projects spearheaded by the City of Mill Valley, Golden Gate Parks Conservancy, Green Gulch Farm and Marin County Parks.  At the end of the week, brimming over with new experiences and with a newfound respect for rain and a love of fog, your child will say, “I’m a Watershed Warrior!"

Early Birds  June 11-15.  Tennessee Valley.  Birds are easy to spot, especially if you know their habitat, prey and song. This week campers will make observations about the smallest and largest birds and all of the birds in between and learn how to spy them in the tall grass, trees and sky.  How to tell the difference between a raven and a crow, a hawk and a vulture?  No problem for the youngest budding birdwatcher.  We'll explore all of the trails in the area with short daily hikes and a longer hike to the lagoon and beach on Friday (no swimming).  Our service work will be held in Tennessee Valley with the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy and we will find out which plants are being grown to provide something that birds need.  DROP OFF/PICK UP:  Tennessee Valley Trailhead  FULL AS OF 6/4/18

Solstice Celebration  June 18-22.  Mill Valley.  Easily our most popular week every year.  We'll kick off this week learning by copying traditions from around the world and celebrating the Summer Solstice by making some of our own traditions.  We'll form our own village in the style of favorite children's book "Roxaboxen", practice kid-friendly yoga, and jam out with local children's musicians on instruments we create from recycled materials.  We'll also learn how to cook food from the sun, make natural face paint to adorn ourselves for our festival and to harvest local plants for dyeing t-shirts.  Wildcrafting and a group nature art installation will be part of our activities.  Village games and stories are an important part of this week.  Of course, we will celebrate with a service project to help our village shine and regenerate the Earth.  DROP OFF/PICK UP:  Bayfront Park, Hamilton Drive, Mill Valley  FULL AS OF 3/28/18

Tiburon Bay Adventures  June 25-29.  Tiburon.  This week we’ll explore the crabby beaches of Tiburon, watching for bat rays, egrets and herons at low tide. We’ll explore McKegney Field for signs of insects and gophers and fly kites at Linear Park.  On Friday we’ll take the local bus to Downtown Tiburon and check out the history of Tiburon with a visit to the Railroad & Ferry Depot Museum, returning to our beloved Blackie on the bus again. We will work with the Town of Tiburon or other land steward on a project to spruce up the area this week.  DROP OFF/PICK UP: Blackie’s Pasture, Tiburon Blvd., Tiburon  FULL AS OF 4/14/18

Green Gulch Farm Fun  July 9-13.  Muir Beach.  One of our most popular weeks.  Your child can’t wait to spend a week at the magical farm by the beach, Green Gulch Farm. Campers will help with planting, harvesting and other farm activities in the morning followed by a full afternoon of fun at Muir Beach in the afternoon.  Highlights include working in the children’s garden, learning about mediation in the Zendo and exploring the wilder side of the farm, including discovering newts, frogs and many species of birds.  We will be of service this week by harvesting food and working in the children's educational garden.  DROP OFF:  Green Gulch Parking Lot, Muir Beach.  PICK UP:  Green Gulch Parking Lot (half day campers), Muir Beach Parking Lot (full day campers).  FULL AS OF 2/26/18

Larkspur Creek Adventures  July 16-20.  Larkspur.  Baltimore Canyon is the perfect place to explore and Larkspur Creek provides hours of exploration and learning.  We’ll hike the Dawn Falls and surrounding trails, learn why this canyon was so loved by loggers, and find out why frogs and birds such as the charismatic Spotted Owl and Pileated Woodpecker make this place their home.  On our last day we’ll venture to Ladybug Meadow and learn what happens when we reintroduce a lost species into its habitat.  We'll work on Little King Mountain to restore native plants this week.  DROP OFF/PICK UP:  Dolliver Park (Dark Park), Madrone Avenue, Larkspur.   FULL AS OF 6/4/18

Bayside Tracks Mill Valley  July 23-27.  So much life takes place in the marsh.  This week we’ll learn about marsh plants and animals, play games and create stories, and all without getting stuck in the mud!  We’ll venture from our drop-off and pick-up point across from the Mill Valley Public Safety Building on Hamilton Drive to points all along Richardson Bay.  We’ll clean up trash from the marsh and find tennis balls from the dog park and learn about keeping our watershed clean - for us and for all of the creatures who call it home.  DROP OFF/PICK UP:  Bayfront Park, Hamilton Drive, Mill Valley

Mill Valley Creek Celebration July 30-Aug 3. Over 2/3 of the planet is covered by water, but less than 1% is available to us and the rest of Earth’s creatures.  Holy moly . . . we better take care of our water and the lands where it flows!  Through super fun nature games, interpretive hikes, art, free exploration and restoration projects, our Creek Celebration week shows your child that we can’t live without clean water and a healthy watershed. Likely locations: Old Mill Park, Cascade Park, Edgewood Park, Blithedale Park, Boyle Park and Miller Grove.  DROP OFF/PICK UP:  Depot Plaza, Downtown Mill Valley

Ring Mountain Miwok Mission  Aug 6-10.  Corte Madera.  This week we’ll explore Ring Mountain focusing on the ancient Coast Miwok sites and check out interesting rock formations.  We'll work with local plants to make rope with Miwok basketry expert Charlie Kennard.  Light hiking with plentiful games and special Native American stories will make up most of our time together.  We'll work with Marin County Parks on a project this week.  DROP OFF/PICK UP: Ring Mountain (Phyllis Ellman Trailhead at Paradise Drive and other trailheads each day), Corte Madera  FULL AS OF 5/1/18

Ross Valley Adventures  Aug 13-17.  This week we’ll explore Corte Madera Creek and its tributaries, learning about the watershed and all of the creatures who live within it.  Games and artwork featuring the water cycle, the history of the area and the local flora and fauna will be our primary focus along with light hiking and imaginative play.  We'll work with Marin County Parks on a project this week.  DROP OFF/PICK UP: Various locations in Greenbrae, Ross, Larkspur & Kentfield including Creekside Park.

Adios Verano  Aug 20-24.  Corte Madera/Tiburon.  We'll bid goodbye to summer with bilingual (Spanish and English) explorations of the Tiburon bayfront and Ring Mountain focusing on the special plants and animals that live by the bay and on the hillside surrounded by amazing bay views.  Light hiking with plentiful games and special stories will make up most of our time together.  We'll work with Marin County Parks on a project this week.  No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary.  DROP OFF/PICK UP: Blackie's Pasture, Tiburon

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For Grades 3-8
Bodyboarding, Marine Biology & Beach Fun Camp

Exciting, science-based, extreme sports professionally coached program building self-esteem and all about fun!
Weekly June 11-August 24 (no camp the week of July 2nd)
Full Day 9AM-4:30PM ($495/week)
FREE Extended Care Always Available Beginning at 8:30 AM and Ending at 5:00PM
10:1 Camper to Guide Ratio
Add On Lunch Option Available ($50/week)

Drop off/Pick up at Mill Valley Middle School Skate Park

Marin GreenPlay offers the only weeklong coached bodyboarding experiences for kids from Marin and San Francisco. APB Tour professionals and other skilled bodyboarding coaches with safety certifications bring you the best in a summer beach camp your child will love.  We ride at Muir Beach, Stinson Beach and Bolinas Beach. All of our days will be spent riding waves and playing beach sports and games.  A portion of our week will be dedicated to beach clean ups and tidepooling and other marine biology enrichment experiences.  Beginners and advanced bodyboarders welcome. Mixed age group for ages 8-13.  

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For Grades 3-8
Outdoor Rock Climbing Camp

Safe, professionally-guided, skill building top rope climbing and bouldering with two day beach fun option.
Weekly June 11-August 24 (no camp the week of July 2nd)
Full Day 9AM-4:30PM
FREE Extended Care Available Beginning at 8:30 AM and Ending at 5:00PM
5:1 Camper to Guide Ratio    Max Group Size 10
Add On Lunch Option Available ($50/week)

Drop off/Pick up at Mill Valley Middle School Skate Park

New and experienced climbers get a full five days of learning advanced climbing skills from AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructors in the Berkeley Hills, Mickey's Beach, Sunset Boulders & Castle Rock, the Bay Area's most challenging climbing areas.  This is a mixed age group of no more than 10 climbers aged 8-13.  

Drop off/Pick up at Mill Valley Middle School Skate Park

This program gives new and experienced climbers three full fun days of climbing under the supervision and instruction of AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructors at Ring Mountain, Mickey's Beach and Sunset Boulders.  Kids entering Grades 3-5 climb Mondays and Wednesdays and teens (Grades 6-8) climb Tuesdays and Thursdays in groups of no more than 10 climbers so they can get in enough climbs.  On Fridays the two groups merge to show off the skills learned this week.  The two alternate days are spent bodyboarding with our RIDE FIVE™ group at Muir Beach or Stinson Beach.

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For PK, Grades K-2, Grades 3-6, Middle School or High School Students
Custom Camp

Every year we build at least one nature camp to order for a group of friends who have a special week in mind
or would really like certain content or a certain location.  We're happy to do that for you!
Half Day 9AM-1PM (cost TBD) or Full Day 9AM-5PM (cost TBD)
FREE Extended Care Available Beginning at 8:30 AM
Add On Lunch Option Available ($50/week)

Email info@maringreenplay.com to inquire about our Custom Camps

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