GreenPlay began in 2009 as the culmination of a dream that all of the children in our community have the chance to grow up with a keen sense of the place where they live . . . the towns and cities and green places in Marin County. By connecting to the natural world, children can develop a sense of meaning and belonging that will give them the ability to adapt and be resilient regardless of what lies ahead. Childhood memories and an understanding of the power of this land will ensure that our children will be involved in its future and bring intention to the decisions that will be made in years to come. 

Place and relationship-based education ensures that children establish strong bonds with the place where they grow up. Experiential learning allows them to learn by doing and become empowered as a result. They come to understand that decisions that serve the long-term interests of the community are fundamentally more solid than those that serve short-term whims. They know what grows here in what season. They know why humans settled in one place and not another. They know the names of the animals that roamed here 5000 years ago and the names of the ones that roam here now. After one GreenPlay restoration session, they have given more back to their community than most have in a lifetime. This place and its inhabitants (human and otherwise) are our children's shared history.

Let us help you give your children the gift of their history. Only by understanding what has come before, may we forge ahead.

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